Top 5 Tools You’d Need in Everyday Emergencies

Survival Gear
Survival Gear

Top 5 Tools You’d Need in Everyday Emergencies

There are quite a number of situations that flips the switch to “survival mode”. It is understandable that you cannot prepare for all eventualities, but the least you can do is to still have some level of readiness. You can develop the right mindset  that will help you cope with daily emergencies. For one, you should learn how to be calm in emergency situations and to refrain from panicking. Patience, resilience, and quick thinking will also go a long way during unforeseen events.

While all such traits will help you as you try to address any given emergencies, the same will not be enough. To complement your emergency-friendly traits you need to equip yourself with various tools that would help you in your everyday unexpected emergencies such as the following.

1.    Lighter

You will never know when you might need to light something or start a fire. It might be a simple need as trying to light candles on a birthday cake or something life-saving as making a bonfire to keep your temperature from falling when you find yourself stranded in outdoors in the middle of winter. A lighter is the best tool you can have for any crisis that can be alleviated by fire. It is handy and can fit right in your pocket.

2.    Flashlight

Emergency situations are hard enough, what more if you have to face it in complete darkness? Being left in the dark will envelop you with fear since you will not be able to see your surroundings. Furthermore, a lot of criminal activity happens in the dark. Having a reliable flashlight is important in any situation as it can readily provide you with the lighting that you need instantly. LED flashlights are the better ones since they are very bright. If you do not like carrying big and heavy flashlights around you can opt for much smaller ones that are kept as key chains.

3.    Multi-tool or Swiss Knife

While a knife is necessary and can help a lot during emergency situations, it has limitations. You might also be subjected to a lot of questioning whenever you go in and out of secured buildings since knives are primarily considered as weapons when used outside the home. Fortunately you can opt for a multi-tool. As the name suggests it consists of several tools in one holder. It comes with a blade (that can serve as a knife), pliers, scissors, and other useful items.

4.    Whistle

In case of terrifying disasters like natural calamities or when you get lost after hiking in the woods, a whistle would be very handy and important. If you think screaming will get people’s attention during emergencies, try this when you are in the middle of nowhere and you will realize that you cannot simply rely on your voice. If you need to send a signal using a whistle you can use the international whistle code. One long blast means “Where are you?” Two blasts mean “Come to me” and three blasts mean “I need help”.

5.    Duct Tape

There will always be a situation wherein you need to bind or organize something by holding them together. Duct tape would be your best choice for such jobs since it can practically stick to any surface with much strength. Moreover, duct tape can also be useful in medical emergencies.

The tools above are just some of the things that you need to have on hand so that you will be able to cope with everyday emergencies, big or small. Since all these things might cause you and your family’s safety it is always best to purchase good quality tools even if they are a bit more expensive.

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