This Will Start World War III – What You Need to Survive

    Combat jets
    Combat jets

    Economic collapse.
    Global pandemic.
    Government overthrow.
    Zombie apocalypse.

    No matter what the emergency is, there are some fundamental things that you need in order to be able to survive when the worst happens.

    To be sure, there are some things that most of us simply can’t afford to prepare for: global thermonuclear war, 1,000-year ice ages, and in-laws moving in. Nonetheless, there are many things that we can do to prepare for shorter term events, including hurricanes, war, and other disasters.

    Weapons – 

    Many people stockpile weapons, but most emergency experts will tell you to not buy 300 guns. You can only shoot one at a time. Buy 5 good weapons: three rifles and two handguns. Make them all the same caliber. That way you can buy, for example, a supply of 9mm bullets and they will work in all of your guns. If you want to be a collector, that’s different, but if you are doing it for survival, make them all the same caliber. 5 per shooter in the family is plenty.

    Don’t fall in love with the bang-bang! Lots of folks think of guns as the only weapons they need for hunting. You will also need some great knives, bow and arrows, and even fishing gear. Unless the rivers are all dead, there will be something swimming around that you can eat.

    Gold – 

    There has been massive fortunes made in recent years in selling gold, especially to survivalists. That’s great, but you can’t eat gold. Buy some gold, but also invest in lead (bullets).

    Seeds –  Not only can you eat most seeds, but you can also grow more food. The winner will be the people who can keep themselves fed in the event of an emergency.

    Canned food –

    Forget the expiration date on the cans; most canned food will last for 20 years or more. Buy lots of canned foods. Also, buy stuff to do canning. There might be a grocery store if things get bad enough. Plan on having a way to put up your own food.

    Generators – Don’t limit yourself to a gas powered generator. They are great, but once the fuel supply is gone, you won’t have power. Invest instead in wind and solar energy. Yes, it seems like a hippie, Greenpeace dream, but with the right equipment and the ability to repair it, you will have unlimited power without gasoline.

    Rechargeable batteries – You will have light at night with rechargeable batteries. You can charge during the day when power from the sun is abundant. That way you won’t be draining your storage batteries at night.

    Water – Rain barrels and water filtration systems are going to be necessary. Have a plan for making water easily available to you and your family.

    Heating –

    Have a plan for heating your house that doesn’t involve the oil or gas companies. You might not need to store a hundred cords of wood, but know where you can get the wood and have the tools for extracting it. Again, solar power is a great way to make this happen too.

    Plant fruit – Apple, pear, and other fruit trees can give you food (calories) for decades. Plant them now so you will have them when you need them.

    The most important thing that you need for World War III: A plan!
    Know what you’re going to do and where you’re going to go. That’s how you’ll survive WWIII. Lay it out and let everyone know where it is. Talk about it then let it go. Don’t let fear run your life, but also, don’t let foolishness end it.