Why my Wife Hated Prepping…until now!

    Happy couple preppers - hiking

    When I first started getting into prepping my wife started to view me the same way much of the world views us survivalists. To her the whole thing was crazy. Here was a grown man with a wife, kids, and stable job that seemed to  become obsessed with preparing for the impending as she so delicately put it, “Zombie Apocalypse”. For what felt like decades (as her nagging often does) I endured her rolling eyes and constant complaints of the time and money I “wasted” on various prepping projects around the house. As I continued to pursue this new lifestyle seemingly alone I began to believe my wife would never come around. I even feared the worse for our marriage and by extension the solidarity of our family.

    One day a breakthrough came in the form of a stunning change of heart. Well, ok, it was actually slow but steady warming up to the ideas I had spent so long trying to explain. I’d say it started with gardening. She had confessed that she always had leanings to pursue it is a hobby but just never seemed to find the motivation. It appeared, she said, as the books and websites piled up that her old husband was putting her to shame. As she started asking more questions and we had more talks about it we decided to pursue it together. As I got her involved with the gardening before you know it she started getting the kids involved to. We all enjoyed access to fresh and authentically organic, homegrown produce for a small investment that over the years has paid for itself. The grocery bills, she agreed, seemed to speak for themselves. Even now we have stockpiles ready as we also got into canning as well, another hobby the wife seems to enjoy. In fact, it was her idea!

    As she became more open-minded about various aspects of what we were doing she slowly began to admit the benefits. She saw it more on a practical level. The generator, for example, didn’t just make us energy independent in case the worst should happen, but also saved us staggering sums of money in hotel bills and food losses, and so was also worth the investment. She began to see that despite my “obsession” with getting off the grid and the impending collapse of society, that there actually was a rational and practical side to it. Prepping was no longer just about wearing tinfoil hats and preparing for the worst. It was also about saving money and improving our standard of living at the same time. There was even more to it than that. As we and the kids became more involved in these various projects and enjoying the fruits of our labor we both saw how it brought us together as a family. We were spending time together, and wouldn’t you know it, we actually really enjoyed each others company.

    She like me can now see that we as survivalists aren’t just enjoying an above average level of readiness for the inevitable Armageddon, but also are reaping a number of down to earth commonsense practical benefits as well. But best of all, our marriage, and our family has never been stronger because of it.